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Beauty is the national integrity of Wen Tianxiang's "who hasn't died since ancient times, leaving the heart to shine with honor", beauty is the dignity of Tao Qian who does not sacrifice five feet of rice, beauty is the silent payment of Lu Xun's "looking down to be a bullock", so beauty is a Realm is a form of cultivation. Now how many people are struggling for beauty, and you can't understand the meaning of beauty until you die. We also know that you want to make yourself perfect and make life easier, so you lie bravely on the plastic surgery table. When you are performing the surgery, you are still imagining whether you will be all the way after becoming beautiful. Popular and fulfill your own star dream, in fact you already have beauty and dream in our eyes Marlboro Cigarettes, don't you? Wang Bei, why do n��t you, as a super-girl, practice your own singing voice and conquer the crowd with your singing voice, instead of facing the tiny bone protrusions on your face, and dedicated your beautiful life to this. Beauty has meaning. It is not the hazy spring meaning of the apricot blossom rain, the bitter joy of the raindrop sycamore, nor the crispness of the beaded jade plate. Only by experience can you discover the beauty in it. The autumn wind is strong. No matter what, we can't conceal our insistence on "turning into spring mud and protecting flowers". A leaf is beautiful because it dedicates itself to serving others. What is it like, what about that person? How many people think that they are beautiful Cheap Cigarettes, and that they can be described by beauty based on their appearance and appearance. In fact, otherwise, they have nothing to do all day and dress themselves up. But they are useless. Their behaviors are extremely disgusting. An ordinary person spits everywhere, people say that she is incompetent, and a person with a beautiful appearance does such a thing, people will say that she is uncultivated. Beauty is a form of cultivation. Lu Xun once said, "I eat grass and squeeze milk." I think he is beautiful, simple and quiet, and dedicated to saving the country Wholesale Cigarettes. He sticks straight into the chest of the enemy to save the country and the people. He is beautiful, his soul is beautiful, which is beyond ordinary people. "People do not want anything, and the heart is peaceful." This is Bing Xin's bland beauty. She wrote books for children throughout her life. She is still agile when she is old. She writes the perfect chapter with her hands and inspires and purifies the beauty of our soul It is silent payment, beauty is the supreme realm of the soul, beauty is a pursuit, beauty is continuous self-improvement, so beauty is a cultivation
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