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Goodness is like water, as soft as water, as tough as water Cigarettes For Sale, as tolerant as water. Water is the source of all things. It goes from high to low, it can meander, it can be straight, it can run, it can flow slowly. The softness of water is where it meets: there is an obstacle on the road, the water can stay silently, converge into a pool, into a deep water, into a river; it can break through the danger, or can seep through a small gap. It may seem soft and weak, but it can be softened by water and can be worn through water. Since ancient times, many literati and celebrities have shown "softness like water" when they are in a difficult situation in life. Tao Yuanming abandoned his job and left her country to live in the past. Only then can he enjoy the leisurely life of "seeing Nanshan under the hurdle of picking chrysanthemums"; Sima Qian suffered corruption and endured the burden of humiliation. "History", a colossal work of the ancient and modern changes. The toughness of water pierces the stone with its dripping water Marlboro Gold. No one would think that the small drops of water slammed into hard stones over the years, and actually passed the thick and thick stones through a hole; nor would anyone think that it was condensed into a little by a weak gas A little drop of water can be merged into a stream, gathered into a river, and finally assembled into a vast ocean! The tenacity of water is a force; however, we often ignore its process and marvel at its persistence and perseverance. People do the same. As long as we have this tough belief like water, no matter how difficult it is, we can overcome it. Tolerance of water is in its "a lot of water and a lot of rivers, but a lot of capacity". Water is good for everything but not contention. It is always in the lowest position, hiding dirt, washing dirt, and letting the clearer clear itself; because it is at the lowest position, it can gather Baichuan rivers and gather into the vast sea. Water is a virtue because of its tolerance. It can become rivers, lakes, seas, clouds, rain, dew, and moisturize all things; it benefits all things without asking for returns Parliament Cigarettes, which is the virtue of a saint. The sage follows his body first, and exists outside his body, not only because of his selflessness, so he can become his private. Water is vast because of its tolerance, and it can circulate between heaven and earth because of its vastness. Water is also selfish because of its selflessness. It coexists with heaven and earth, and it lasts forever.

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