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Farewell, sweet lollipop,

 von ylq , 21.04.2020 08:37

Farewell, sweet lollipop, bitter coffee, sour orange juice. The time passed by in a hurry, only to know to cherish when it was almost over. Sometimes we feel very sweet, sometimes it makes me feel bitter and bitter, sometimes it makes us feel sour, sometimes it makes me feel bleak. Time is gone, and somehow my memory is spinning back and forth in the days when my teachers and classmates just met. The summer wind blows away the lock core of memory, reminding me of our good times. The textbook play "Wu Song Fighting Tiger" is extremely exciting; the practice of "Bazi Jumping Rope" is full of passion; the "grade tug of war competition" is magnificent; what impressed me most is the "Bazi Jumping Rope". At the beginning, I would n��t jump rope. Many students would jump. I was timid and shy, but I was afraid of being hit by the rope. The breeze gently blown the ground. I stood aside, admiring everyone, watching the students look like The little kangaroo skipped over like a rhythm, and the movement was very brisk, I was envious. A few of the better classmates found out that I did n��t come to jump, so I ran very enthusiastically and took my hand, trying to let me jump with them. I nodded and agreed. The teacher who was on the rocking rope also smiled slightly. I was ready to jump Parliament Cigarettes, and I obviously found that the speed of the rope has slowed down a lot. I think it must have slowed down for me. I made up my mind to learn "Ba Zi Jump Rope" and be happy with my classmates. I jumped there, and my classmates shouted to me at the rhythm: "Pap, pop!" Now, I can shuttle back and forth like little kangaroos like my friends. I'm getting more and more energetic and confident. The teacher specially praised me in the class, making me full of yearning for my future life. Our head teacher is a very sentimental teacher. She always likes to teach us and understand a truth from a thing. Just like the teacher asked us to grow flowers, the connotation of a person can be reflected from the flowers Marlboro Lights. Just like a good person who grows flowers, she must be a kind-hearted person, but if the flowers he grows are withered, they will not go Try her best to save it, then she is definitely a person without love. Of course, flowers will always wither, just like in our lifetime, there are blooms and withers; there are successes and failures; there are gains and losses; there are encounters and misses; there are laughter and tears. We should not be sad, but face it with a smile. People remember that when you laugh, nothing matters and you are not afraid of anything. Our life should also be a beautiful bloom Marlboro Red. In the past two years, my classmates have specially compiled a poem that surprises me a lot: "I am an angel, a smiling angel; I am a master, a master of calligraphy." I am very proud that I can control such advanced names. Unconsciously, I remembered the scene, the students all smiled excitedly at me, and the laughter still echoed in my ears until today. If time can go back, I hope I can stay in elementary school forever, and can always stay in the moment when we smile, and we graduated one by one.
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