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In the summer afternoo

 von ylq , 20.12.2019 02:49

In the summer afternoon, the sun was soft and softly slipped in from behind the window and door slits Newport Cigarettes Coupons, leaving shadows on the ground and on the wall, line by line, neat and tidy, like keys. I held my chin on my left hand, and flipped the pages of Qianjia Poetry gently with the other hand. Do you still remember the Li Bai who was in a sorrowful mood, seven divided into moonlight, and the remaining three divided into sword spirit? "Yun wants clothes and flowers, and spring breeze blows down the dew," he praises Yang Guifei for his graceful appearance. "When I go to Changsha for a relocating guest, I don't see Changan in the west" is his arrogant and upright temper when he exiled Yelang. "But to enable the master to be drunk, I don't know where it is from another country." It was he who left the country and wanted to get drunk. He forgot about his hometown and was full of pride. "Fuyunyouziyi, the setting sun and the old friendship" is his reluctance when he saw his friends away. A "Chang'an Yi" came from the next house Carton Of Cigarettes. The clear and sad tone made me dream of returning to Tang Dynasty, as if I saw a white cloud on the bridge between Li Bai and his sleeves. Li Bai's poems are gorgeous, romantic, or unrestrained. What I admire most is Sun Su's Su Yunmen Temple Pavilion. "Under the Xiangge East Mountain, fireworks look like a secluded sky. Hanging lights thousands of eves, rolling curtains and five lakes in autumn. Painting walls Yu Hongyan, screens and bullfights. Doubt the sky is near, dreams and white clouds swim." Fragrant flowers linger around the temple pavilion, flowers bloom like dreams, misty dreams, where the tranquility and beauty are like a paradise. The red day was gradually sinking to the west, and the evening glow rendered the sky brightly. The temple pavilion is hung with lanterns, and the surrounding mountains are tall and steep, like a barrier. The cloth curtain of the temple pavilion was rolled up again, as opposed to the autumn scenery of Wuhu. The murals faded into the gorgeous and bright colors of the past, leaving only the Hongyan of Nanfei. Not only poets, but I also wonder if Tianlu is approaching and is traveling with Baiyun. How can such beautiful scenery not be intoxicated? I still remember that when I was young, there was the sound of reading poetry out of the window. My childish tone moved my heartstrings. That faint sentiment from distant time and space, like a beauty holding a scroll, gave a glimpse of glory, the world suddenly lost its due color. Gradually grew up, no longer satisfied with shaking his head and reading poems and memorizing poems, he took the brush to learn the elegant poets, copy poems, taste poems, and sometimes write childish poems that are not at all tuned Cigarettes Online. Whenever the tip of the pen gently brushed over the paper, the ink flowed to form a handwriting, and a great sense of satisfaction would be produced in my heart, as if a lifetime of lotus flowers and a pen lotus flower opened. Sometimes when I look at a poem, I dream in my heart. Away from the hustle and bustle of the world, bright and green, driving a leafy boat in the lush and green places of the green hills, traveling around the world alone, looking for the fairy Li Bai, asking for a pot of vintage wine, can the embroidery mouth spit like him? In the heyday of clouds and prosperity, see Tao Yuanming and experience the seclusion life of "morning and desolate, bringing the moon lotus to return" has to admit that poetry is like a cup of incense, with a long-lasting mellow fragrance; have to Sorrow, life is long, if you can stay poetry and poetry, permanent poetry, it is a blessing that the sun chuckled, jumping from the fingertips, from the page. Poetry has been sung for thousands of years, and classical soul rhyme has been passed down through the ages. In this lazy afternoon, I would like to hold a volume of "Qianjia Poetry" and enjoy the joy and happiness of the Qing Dynasty. "The wind is also Xiao Xiao, the rain is Xiao Xiao, thinning the lantern for another night

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