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1. In terms of taste: the mouth feels soft at the beginning. The throat is thick, and when the tar is only 8mg, it does not make people feel dull and tasteless, which is more bright. The raw materials of Marlboro Impression Fragrance are collected from Stone Forest Impression Manor. On the basis of inheriting the style characteristics of Marlboro's "Sweet and Sweet Fragrance" category, a lot of effort has been made especially on the word "xiang". When it is smoked, it tastes refreshing, sweet, fragrant, and moist, as if you are in a sea of ​​flowers in a thousand acres of tobacco fields, and you are intoxicated with nature. 2. Packaging: Marlboro has a good appearance, unconventional and elegant. Marlboro is more suitable for office workers with a certain financial foundation, especially smokers around the age of 30. This cigarette will not look very vulgar whether it is used as a daily ration or socializing. The cigarette pack design of this cigarette is relatively elegant, with the right color scheme and brand identity. 3. Advantages of Marlboro: How about Marlboro? The first half of Marlboro feels supple Online Cigarettes, does not sting, burns, and has moderate cost performance. 4. Marlboro's shortcomings: how about Marlboro? Any cigarette has its advantages and disadvantages Marlboro Red. The cigarettes cost a few dollars, and they are popular in the market. The shortcomings of Marlboro's cigarette are mainly in the second half of the smoke is slightly insufficient Parliament Cigarettes, smokers who prefer a light taste may think that the throat is too heavy.
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Newport Cartons ForSale

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