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Behind the garden are our bright and spacious two-story three-story teaching building. The white tiled walls and clear windows make the building beautiful. From time to time, the sounds of reading books and the playfulness of the students on the playground make our campus full of vigor and vitality. The teaching building is equipped with first-class microcomputer room, music room, library, art room, dance room and other multi-functional classrooms, providing us with good learning conditions. The west wall of the teaching building is posted with 24 characters: "Diligence, discipline, civilization, discipline, rigorous teaching, pragmatism and efficiency, erudition, thoughtfulness, and hard work", which fully demonstrates our school's philosophy of running schools Newport 100S. The strong teacher-student relationship fills our campus all the time Wholesale Cigarettes. I remember when I first entered the first grade, when everything was ignorant, it was the teacher who taught me how to recognize word arithmetic, the teacher who helped me improve my learning efficiency, and the teacher who taught me how to be a human being. It is precisely this way that my learning career can move forward courageously, and my life path can continue as before. The century-old school history makes the campus culture more colorful. The celebrities and famous sayings of Nantong are everywhere on the walls of the school Marlboro Lights, reminding us to keep our main task as students in mind. The school ��s green promenade is particularly eye-catching, and the students hand-written newspapers and the instant photos of our participation in the event added a bit of vitality to it. Here we can learn happily, create happily, play sports, play games, sing happily. Whenever I see all of this, I have been intoxicated for a long time. This is my beautiful campus. We are here to learn and grow. There is a footprint of our growth here, leaving us a beautiful and pure childhood.

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