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example this rice country navy's Los Angeles class attack pit submarine, its most rapid degree also only 32 sections is also speed per hour don't arrive 60 kilometers.But the underwater speed of the unmanned machine attain 250 kilometers, already the speed of the far super pit submarine.This speed is very exaggerated, be on the land, some good sports cars all could not run so quick speed per hour and said nothing of in the bottom of sea.So the unmanned machine is just a little bit one hair dint, catch up the anterior attack pit submarine.
After unmanned machine again gets stripe, the noise that it sends out when the underwater goes in secret and the ocean background voice hold even, the sonar equipments of the warship material of navy in all countries has already canned not probe into it.To them, the unmanned machine of underwater is also invisible.Even if the unmanned machine goes in secret the noise in time in the full speed a little bit a little bit bigger, basically can't be discovered by the other people as well.So when the unmanned machine closes to a rice country attack pit submarine 500 meters be apart from inside of time, that pit submarine don't discover the trace of unmanned machine at all, but the rice soldier base of rapid facing Okinawa island runs about wildly but go.
After getting into the best attack position, the machine body of unmanned machine an earthquake, the torpedo shoots concealed body cruise missile of the agm-129 in the tube drive rapid the blast-off go out.At this agm-129 concealed body cruise missile just disheveled hair projection go to after, the torpedo shot to quickly appear an agm-129 for looking exactly alike concealed body cruise missile in the tube.Also the agm-129 that just appeared concealed body cruise missile the disheveled hair projection went and connected down torpedo blast-off to again appear an agm-129 concealed body cruise missile in the tube.
These two agm-129s attack target of the concealed body cruise missile is exactly an anterior Los Angeles class attack pit submarine, under the guide of quantum radar, they quickly go forward in the water.The agm-129 concealed body cruise missile is in the sky an invisible guided missile, the time under the surface also belong to invisible torpedo.When it quickly goes forward under the surface, basically didn't appear what bubble, and the noise is also very small, basically have no quilt the attack of the rice soldier pit submarine detection.
However when these two agm-129s the concealed body cruise missile approach an attack pit submarine of time, its end of the tail appears of bubble voice the attention that finally aroused attacked to check a submarine.The attack checks a submarine to realize right away oneself just at drive the torpedo attack of not clear identity, oneself is being placed in danger in, hence they right away pull ring fight of alert.
The reaction of regrettable Los Angeles class attack pit submarine is still too late, the agm-129 concealed body cruise missile starts the distance of attack very near, and its push forward to attackstone speed still very quickly, so though check the submarine has already discovered to strike of torpedo, still can not in time do effectively should to the measure.Then discover the warship body that checks a submarine one earthquake, agm-129 the concealed body cruise missile shot this attack pit submarine.
In 400 meters under the deep utter darkness sea surface, suddenly appeared the glow-in-the-dark of one big regiment, immediately after appear a huge bubble, then this huge bubble at rapid under the function of bottom of sea pressure disappear.Just this shot, Los Angeles class the attack check the submarine appeared a hole.At agm-129 concealed body cruise missile wild attack under, the Los Angeles class attack pit submarine's being rated as the hard warship body of the best protection has already been thoroughly broked through.
Rice soldier attack pit once the submarine be broked through by the torpedo, a great deal of of the sea water start a facing warship body in wildly flow out but go to.But this isn't the worst circumstance, under the guide line of unmanned machine quantum radar, the another agm-129 concealed body cruise missile also closed to an attack pit submarine, it along the hole that before appears drills to take the offensive the shot pit submarine inner part, then at in have violent explosion.See the attack pit submarine inner part is like a balloon hair bulge is similar to quickly summon up, then thoroughly blast open, become limb from limb, then shrink together under the huge water pressure, sink into deep sea.
Unmanned machine the main attack means under the sea surface is a concealed agm-129 body cruise missile, this kind of guided missile the power in the underwater have already been weakened original 80%.But because the agm-129 concealed body cruise missile used mysterious explosive, it made its of the power get to biggest promote, so even if leaves 80% power, the two agm-129s concealed body cruise missile is also good enough to po

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