My name is Liu Xinxin

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My name is Liu Xinxin. I am a happy and lively girl. I am almost nine years old this year. As I was growing up, I had many dreams: dreaming of becoming a dancer, dreaming of becoming a big painter, dreaming of being a classmate in the class, and taking the first place in every exam ... Are you like me? Have many dreams? It is my piano dream that keeps me the longest. What is going on here? Let me tell you about it. I remember it was one day three years ago. I went to play at my friend Li Yanyi's house. There is a piano in her study, which looks very mysterious. She played a tune for me, I don't know what the name is, but it's very nice. Looking at her playing the piano, I am very envious, and I hope that one day I can sit in front of the piano and play wonderful music Cigarettes Online. So I went home and told my mother that I wanted to learn piano, but my mother did not readily agree. She said to me: "Baby, learning piano is not as simple as you think. Hours, you have to practice no matter how tired you are. Can you persevere? "After hearing my mother ��s words Cigarettes For Sale, I hesitated and practiced every day. That means less time to play. My dream stopped for a while. From kindergarten to preschool, my homework started to gradually increase. Sometimes I felt that I couldn't finish my homework, and I was particularly irritable. Once, when I was losing my temper and was not going to do my homework, beautiful piano music came from the room. I walked over and saw that my mother was playing music. I asked my mother why he played music. My mother told me that listening to piano music can make people feel better. I lay down beside my mother, listening to the melodious sound of the piano quietly, and I gradually felt less upset. So, I told my mother again that I wanted to learn piano. My mother was still hesitant. I hugged her coquettishly and said firmly: "Mom, I must be able to persevere. I will use the piano sound to drive away all my worries." Mother said seriously, "Baby, you have a good idea , But you must remember that no matter what difficulties ahead, you must not give up the path you choose. Otherwise, my mother will hit people. "I nodded to my mother and smiled with satisfaction. My mother bought me a piano and found a teacher Newport Cigarettes. Looking at the tall, short, thick and thin, worm-like symbols on the book, I had a headache. Every day is a practice of "Doraemon, Doraemon", boring and boring. Whenever I want to be lazy, my mother plays piano music for me, and also shows the performance videos of the pianists. Watching those players play the piano handsomely and elegantly, I seem to see my own sense of enthusiasm. At this time, the lazy heart was filled with anger. In this way, I have been studying piano with my mother for three years. I can also play some music. Although it is not so beautiful, I am very fulfilled. I also participated in many piano playing competitions. Whenever everyone applauded me, I was full of confidence, standing on the podium, I do n��t have to say how happy I am. I believe that perseverance will definitely pay off. Let us work together for our dreams!
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