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I believe you must have watched the TV version of "Journey to the West"? So what is your impression of the Journey to the West? Do you think Sun Wukong is loyal and loyal Online Cigarettes, and Pig Wu can be lazy? Still feel that Sha Wujing is useless, Tang Sanzang is right or wrong? Haha, this is actually not the case. Want to know why? Then look down. The strength of the Bible study group. I wonder if you think that there is a Sun Wukong in the Bible study group. The rest are scum? But the real fact is: Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing may be more powerful than Sun Wukong. Everyone should remember that in the nineteenth round of the original version of "Journey to the West", Sun Wukong went straight to the East from the second hour in order to teach the pig Bajie. Blushing means not winning. It is said that the pig Bajie finally became hungry before losing. What's more, the pig Bajie is still the 200,000 naval commander in the sky, will the strength be worse? Besides, Sha Wujing, the original "roller general" in the sky was smashed by the smashed glazed glass because of a miss Cigarettes For Sale. But do you know what "roller general" means? The "roller general" is the person responsible for protecting Huangdi, that is, the personal guard. The word "rolling curtain" is responsible for rolling up the curtain of the door when Huangdi gets on and off the carriage. A guard with a knife guards Huang Di every day to protect him. What does this mean? I don't need to say it. So, the true Journey to the West can not be underestimated as the identity of Zhu Bajie. What does Zhu Bajie think of everyone? Lazy, delicious, or vulgar? Haha, in the face of knowing his identity, everything is puffy. I wonder if everyone can remember what Sun Wukong was in that year? That's right. Then they were crushed under the Five Elements Mountain, and for five hundred years. And Sha Wujing, who broke the glass by accident and was degraded to the lower realm, also suffered the pain of flying swords once every seven days. In the end, they went with the Tang monk. It seemed nothing, but they actually benefited: Sun Wukong no longer had to be crushed down the mountain, and the sand monk no longer had to endure the pain of flying swords. And what about pig eight ring? Drunk madness offends Chang'e and is degraded. But is there anything else? You might say it didn't turn into a pig? It was just that Zhu Bajie was casting the wrong baby Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and it had nothing to do with punishment. Did it get anything from the Tang monk to the west? Become a Bodhisattva and be respected? At that time, it was as respected as the head of the navy, and it was still delicious and spicy at that time. Therefore, we have reason to suspect that the Pig Bajie is the "internal traitor" inserted by the Jade Emperor in the Bible study group. What's more, during the westward journey, the pig Bajie often made Tang Monk read the "tightening curse", and even made Tang Seng drive Wukong away! In addition, the aforementioned Pig Bajie is about the same strength as Sun Wukong. "Sun Wukong's seat. Therefore, what Zhu Bajie did was probably to prepare for the assassination. Sha Monk's scheming Everyone must be very surprised to see the question. Sha Seng is clearly "simple" in everyone's mind. Haha, you do n��t know about it, please think about it first. Join the Scripture Study Group by yourself. How many times have the monks killed the monster? Almost every time the sand monk hit the monsters, he gave up the main battlefield to Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie as soon as they came. This is not generous. On the contrary, the monk is thinking "ruyi abacus" in his heart: "I have also played it anyway, and the benefits in the end are also part of me. What are you doing so hard now?" Among the achievements of the westward journey, the sand monk received the least-"Jin Shen Luo Han". According to the ranking of the Buddhist family, the Buddha is first, the Bodhisattva is second, and Luohan is third. This is still because of the horse. Note that this is not a task that can be used for success, but a horse that can be used for success. Don't be fooled by the TV series. Journey to the West actually has more mysteries. Tell me if you have one
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