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Perfect. Fits great and blocks the light from the TV my husband has on all night.
Danielle Aldenhoven
It's very soft, fits perfectly. Looks like brand new after multiple washing.
Raul Gongora
Not knowing the difference, I bought all three: this Hanes short, along with a Fruit of the Loom, and a Soffee - just to find out which was best. All three are very similar. I bought a size smaller than I would for pants due to the stretchy waistband. I like the fit on all 3 very much and am glad I went smaller! I don't like baggy stuff. The Hanes is certainly acceptable, but I preferred the Fruit of the Loom for deeper pockets, and the Soffee for both deeper pockets and a more sturdy fabric. All three are fine for lounging or gym work.
Nuno Teixeira
These are nice heavy gloves knitted from some synthetic material, a kind of coarse weave resulting in a soft warm product. The wrists are the proper length for use with a wrist release, but not too long. I have a large hand and the gloves fit snugly.
If they do not shrink they are a fantastic bargain, if they do shrink they are still a good bargain.
Cynthia Miguel
Great price. Comfortable and accurate fit. Visibility another bonus.
Noah Ahmad
Have not opened yet, but our son loves it already.
Elisa Calderon

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