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ially the hands, and that smile. I remember that it was the fifth grade of elementary school. At that time, he was a new student transferred from our class, that is, "the transfer student." In the class meeting one week after the start of the school, the teacher selected the cadre and chose him as the squad leader. At the time, we were all puzzled. The class teacher explained to us: "In the week of school mokingusacigarettes.com, I found this classmate to perform extremely well. Therefore, I chose him as the monitor and hoped that he would drive our entire class." Since then, we have been against the original squad leader, but he did not care. On the way to the cafeteria, we walked in a row, and there was a group of rubbish in the distance Newport 100S. Some of us did not see it and went straight. But he slowly walked over and threw the rubbish into the trash. At that time, I had a deep admiration in my heart, but I thought to myself: "Maybe he is doing the act, let us agree that he is the squad leader, so I didn't take it seriously. But at that time, I was really I know him. It was in a physical education class Marlboro Lights. When I was running, I didn��t grasp the center of gravity and fell heavily on the ground. At that time, I found that my knee was swollen and I couldn��t climb. I was preparing. When I asked someone else, I found that my shoulder was photographed. I looked back at a pair of familiar and unfamiliar hands. I looked up and saw that he was the squad leader. He smiled and said to me: "So careless, get up!" "I was deeply moved at the time. I admire him very much since then. In later life, he did not remember what I had done before him. We became good friends. We exchanged questions with each other in learning. When I fell, I remembered him again. He was so kind in my heart. His smile was so warm. It was the most beautiful in my heart. Every smile of yours made me intoxicated. Every one of you. One beckoning, let me remember in my heart. Every time you touch me... In my heart, you are the most beautiful, shining with dazzling light, she cares about me all the time, always keeps me with good food. Remember, For the first time, Grandma bought a fish from the street. She knew that fish was my favorite. When she was burning hard at home, the sweat on her head went down from time to time, but he was still happy. When the fish came to the table, I couldn't help but sigh. I smelled the scent. My stomach seemed to feel it. "��-��" called. Grandma laughed: "Eat, see you hungry." "My face can't help but I immediately picked up the chopsticks and took a piece of meat from the fish. I ate it with great interest. The grandmother on the side didn't move the chopsticks. I said, "Grandma, you eat too." "I am not hungry." Grandma said to me with a smile. I know that my grandmother is reluctant to eat and leave it for me to eat. I pouted a small mouth. "Grandma, if you don't eat, I don't eat." "Grandma had no choice but to pick up the chopsticks and eat with me. But my grandmother ate a little and said that she was full. Looking at my good grandmother, I couldn��t help but vow to wait for me to grow up, I must give Grandma bought a lot of food and it was good for him. At night, I looked at the ceiling and the eyes gradually closed. I had a dream; Grandma went to my room and saw my quilt being smashed, he gently helped I covered it, I laughed, the little was so moving, so warm. Suddenly, this love passed to every corner of my heart, really warm! The next day, when I woke up, I saw my quilt cover on my body, I I know, it is not a dream, it is my grandmother's true love for me. It is like a carnation, beautiful and warm. She is like a bright moon, brighten others. Grandma, you are the most beautiful! The most beautiful!
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