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uncomfortable on the day of the day, why did you come to class?" I only heard you understatement and said, "Because I am the monitor. "Your tone is just as natural as saying your name. It is my admiration for you and adds another point." The time of the music is both evocative and so short. After graduating, I went to a different middle school with you. I haven't been in contact for a long time, but your smile has always been in my mind. In my heart, I have never left. In my heart, you are the most beautiful [Article 5: You are the most beautiful in my heart] Whenever I think of all the beautiful people or things around me, I will subconsciously compare, then what is the most beautiful thing in my heart? In my heart, you are the most beautiful. Black with a little yellow hair, the skin is very dark by the sun, it has no special features. However, those bright eyes can see the love of life, the family's love, especially the hands, the rough on the finger, that is the symbol of the family, the hands have a deep memory. Mom, I want to say: In my heart, you most remember that it was an autumn, but it was a warm autumn. The cold wind bursts, like a knife straight to the face, the face hurts. I was waiting for my mother to pick up at the school gate. The dust on the road was everywhere. I couldn��t see it clearly. I was anxious in my heart. Why didn��t my mother come. The dust was blown into my eyes. I was about to touch it with my hand. The hand was caught. I only heard my mother say, "Don't touch it with your hands, you lift your face, I will help you Marlboro Lights." Then I put my hand on me. Face, I can feel the temperature on the hand, it is still warm, and I can't help but feel a little in love. I looked up and closed my eyes slightly, leaving only a little bit of slit that I could see my mother. She got the scene of dust in my eyes and left it in my memory. It can be said that I remembered it all. Her hand touched my eyes, gently. After a while, the dust began to flow out of my eyes. I gradually widened my eyes, slammed a few times, and adapted to the environment. Then I discovered that my mother had been blocking the wind for me and took me in her arms. My only thought at this time is: my mother's arms are warm. Then, she wants to hold me in the car, I refused, I took her hand, and sure enough, the hands are the warmest. Finally, when I walked into the car, although it was only a dozen meters away, although the weather was very cold Marlboro Gold, my heart was very warm, because my mother's warm hand was holding my little hand and warming me. I think I know what is the most beautiful thing in my heart! It is your mother. In my heart, you have always been the most beautiful, mother! [Sixth: In my heart, you are the most "Oh, it hurts me." I fell more than careful. Every time I fell, I remembered that time, espec
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